Officially Licensed Fourth Wing Necklace | Violent Little Thing (Gold)
Officially Licensed Fourth Wing Necklace | Violent Little Thing (Gold)
The Enamel Library

Officially Licensed Fourth Wing Necklace | Violent Little Thing (Gold)

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The Violent Little Thing Necklace is available in gold or silver plating, with pendant that measures 35mm tall. Features Transparent Enamel with molded background detail and quote detail on the back of the pendant. Chain length hangs approximately 33cm-36cm when clasped (small variations in length may result due to measuring chains by hand).

This Fourth Wing Necklace is OFFICIALLY LICENSED and inspired by the world and characters of the Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros. 

Necklaces are not forged from pure gold or silver and therefore it is suggested you remove them before showering or swimming. 

This Necklace is available in Standard Grade or Imperfect Grade. Standard Grade is the quality of Necklace I sent for pre-orders, whereas Imperfect Grade may have minor imperfections.

Imperfections mostly include: uneven polishes, areas of enamel or metal that aren't as shiny, uneven plating, areas of metal that haven't been polished down evenly, small areas of enamel overspill, spots that have too much enamel in them or not enough/wrong colours, or small marks or scratches. I am really picky with quality, so if anything is badly at fault I do not list it at all. Please be reassured that any Imperfect necklaces have only minor issues. The main issue with this imperfect batch is ENAMEL SPILL. They have Transparent Enamel that has overflowed from the background to lay over areas of text.

Images featured in this listing are all of Standard Grade necklaces, as imperfect necklaces are sent at random and vary.  Imperfect necklaces cannot be returned if you do not like the type of imperfection- so if you're worried please email before purchasing :) 

Artwork inspired by the book FOURTH WING by Rebecca Yarros, published by Red Tower Books, an imprint of Entangled Publishing, LLC. Copyright 2023 by Rebecca Yarros. Artwork by The Enamel Library.
I affirm that the artwork featured on the products available for purchase is entirely my own original creation. Rebecca Yarros and Red Tower Books/Entangled Publishing have provided their approval for the use of this artwork, but please note that they have not directly collaborated with me in the artistic process. Additionally, any character traits depicted in the artwork are purely the result of my imagination and have no connection to any future characters in books by Rebecca Yarros, as I possess no foreknowledge of such traits.