Subscription FAQ

What is The Enamel Library?

The Enamel Library is an Australia-based subscription service that will deliver you new Enamel Pins or Woodmarks once a month, or as a one off purchase if you prefer. 

I also try to add new and special edition products to the store whenever possible- my range is always expanding!

What do subscribers get?

Subscribing delivers a monthly:

  • Shelfie Pin - a hard enamel bookstack pin in themed booklet style backing card and a weatherproof vinyl sticker that fit the theme hint.
  • Location Terrarium Pin- a Hard Enamel Pin inspired by a location from film, literature, mythology or popular culture on a themed location-specific backing card.
  • Mini-Pin - a tiny (less than 3cm) enamel pin to fit the theme that is super wearable and adorable! Ships on a themed backing card.
  • Woodmark - a bookshelf style woodmark featuring an extended version of the Shelfie pin art. Woodmarks are bookmarks made of thin and durable sustainably harvested timber.

You can subscribe for one monthly item or a combination, its up to you! It is worth noting that shipping prices should be the same whether you are subscribed for one or all. If you think your shipping price has calculated incorrectly, don't hesitate to reach out.

Your Enamel Library items will ship safe and sound in cute branded packaging.

How does subscribing work?

If you want to never miss a month, then subscribing is the answer! You will be automatically charged every month and then your item/s will be delivered to your chosen address.

Can I just order one?

Of course! On the product page, you can choose to subscribe or make a one-off purchase- although subscribing is a little cheaper. One-off purchases are great for seeing if you like it- you can always come back and subscribe the next month if you discover you cannot live without monthly deliveries.


My subscription payment was declined, what should I do? 

Occasionally your recurring payment may not go through for a variety of reasons, and its nothing to worry about! If you got an email saying that your recurring payment was declined, the quickest way to complete payment and make sure your box leaves on time is to re-enter your card details via the link in the email. You can wait for the payment to automatically charge on its own, but this will happen after 3 business days and therefore the first batch of boxes may have already shipped by then. Charge attempts will be made every 3 business days, 5 times- if payment is not successful, your subscription will be cancelled. If you wish to re-activate, send through an email and I can fix it up for you.

Can I skip a month or cancel my subscription?

Yes! To skip a month or cancel your subscription completely, simply log into your The Enamel Library account and follow the options to cancel or check the Delivery Schedule to skip a month.

When do I get charged for the next month?

All subscription payments are charged on the 3rd of every month, excluding the first month immediately following your sign up date. That payment is not required, as you already paid it when you signed up. Your subscription will then automatically renew on the 3rd of every month following unless you skip a month or cancel. Make sure your email is correct at sign up so you can receive all Subscription reminders and confirmations.

When does The Enamel Library ship?

The Enamel Library aims to be shipped as soon as possible after that month's payment renewal date, which should be within the first 2 weeks of every month. Follow on instagram @theenamellibrary for updates on shipping, plus sneak peeks!

Can I change my shipping address?

Yep that's easy! Your address, payment method and subscription can all be managed from within the "My Account" section. Changing your  default address on the main page of your account does NOT automatically update your subscription address- you will also need to change it in the "Subscriptions" section of your account.