Officially Licensed Fourth Wing Enamel Pin | Xaden & Sgaeyl
Officially Licensed Fourth Wing Enamel Pin | Xaden & Sgaeyl
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Officially Licensed Fourth Wing Enamel Pin | Xaden & Sgaeyl

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Introducing the Dragon Rider Pin Collection! These pins each depict a Dragon Rider with their relic, and a quote that reflects their bond. This pin features Xaden Riorson, whose Dragon is Sgaeyl, and has transparent enamel and screen printed relics. 

This Fourth Wing Pin is OFFICIALLY LICENSED and inspired by the world and characters of the Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros.  

This pin is available in two variants. When I first received these finished pins, I wasn't quite 100% happy with the colour of Xaden's relic. The print came out darker than I imagined, so I had the pins remade with a lightening of the dragon relic blue. It would be a waste to throw away the original pins (there's nothing wrong with them- they just aren't my personal preference of shade of blue haha) so they are available in this listing as the "Midnight Blue Relic" variant. "Standard Blue Relic" is what was sent out when I shipped pre-orders and is also available. I have added a photo of the two colours side by side so you can choose your blue- this photo was taken in indirect, bright natural light, and the colours of the print can appear slightly different in different lighting. Your choice just depends on whether you like a brighter blue, or a dark, shadowy blue (the main featured product image on this listing is "Standard Blue").

Artwork inspired by the book FOURTH WING by Rebecca Yarros, published by Red Tower Books, an imprint of Entangled Publishing, LLC. Copyright 2023 by Rebecca Yarros. Artwork by The Enamel Library.
I affirm that the artwork featured on the products available for purchase is entirely my own original creation. Rebecca Yarros and Red Tower Books/Entangled Publishing have provided their approval for the use of this artwork, but please note that they have not directly collaborated with me in the artistic process. Additionally, any character traits depicted in the artwork are purely the result of my imagination and have no connection to any future characters in books by Rebecca Yarros, as I possess no foreknowledge of such traits.