June 2021 Shelfie Pin | Curses (Antique Library)
The Enamel Library

June 2021 Shelfie Pin | Curses (Antique Library)

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This listing is for extra available  JUNE PINS as a one time purchase. Ordering this pin will not create a subscription for future Shelfie Pins. 

This is the Antique Library Colour Variant- It is a colour scheme of black, brown and grey with glitter and rose gold plating.

This Pin is available in Standard Grade, Imperfect Grade, or MISSING PRINT. Standard Grade is the quality of pin I include in monthly boxes, whereas Imperfect Grade may have minor imperfections. Missing Print versions were a manufacturing error where they did not screen print on the white details (eyes, bat bellies, etc). Imperfect and Missing Print versions are shipped on standard pin cards instead of the original book-card style packaging.

Imperfections mostly include: uneven polishes, areas of enamel or metal that aren't as shiny, uneven plating, areas of metal that haven't been polished down evenly, small areas of enamel overspill, spots that have too much enamel in them or not enough/wrong colours, small marks or scratches and missing print. I am really picky with pins, so if anything is badly at fault I do not list it at all. Please be reassured that any Imperfect pins have only minor issues. 

Images featured in this listing are all of Standard Grade Pins, as imperfect pins are sent at random and vary.  Imperfect pins cannot be returned if you do not like the type of imperfection- so if you're worried please email before purchasing :) 

This listing does NOT include a matching vinyl sticker.

Thankyou to @dbookishprincess for the gorgeous photography.

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