LAST CHANCE 2023 Advent Calendar Box | 12 or 24 Days
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LAST CHANCE 2023 Advent Calendar Box | 12 or 24 Days

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This listing is for the ONLY remaining complete Advent Boxes for 2023. I do not have any extras of at least one day's item, so I will not be able to pack any more boxes. 

As numbers for these remaining boxes are very very limited, I also prepared a couple of additional boxes that are missing the item I ran out of (day 11). These are 23 day boxes and include a discount- its just the only option for if you miss out the on the 24 day ❤️ 

I have got some extras of some items that can be made fast on their way (this is not a possibility for day 11) and will ship these last chance boxes when those items arrive in MID-NOVEMBER. 

This Enamel Library Advent Calendar is jam-packed full of bookish goodness and is a gift to yourself every day for 12 days or 24 days!

Upon receiving your advent calendar, you can rip it all open immediately and show not even a single sliver of self-control (no judgements here), or you can save it and start unwrapping on the 1st or the 13th December for the ultimate Advent experience ❤ 

Each of the items will be individually wrapped and numbered to keep each item a surprise until that day. 

Examples of items included are: Enamel Pins, sticky things, Woodmarks, some entirely new products, a pin banner and more! Some are the types of items that have been included in other special release boxes, and some are entirely new items that I have never created before. These items are not festive themed and are designed to be enjoyed year-round. You'll like it even if you're a grinch like me!

The 24 Day Box includes a custom scented item created in collaboration with an amazing Aussie business- this item is not included in the 12 Day Box.

For the 24 Day Box, there is also the option to choose whether you prefer silver or gold tone jewellery. This is not about pins, it is about jewellery. The 12 Day Box does not require a choice for this option. 

This is a PRE-ORDER. Early Bird Prices are available for the first week (expires 5th August) as a thankyou for committing early. No discount code is needed. Advent Boxes will ship in the box pictured or similar in November, so if you're international and want to have the best chance of receiving your Advent Calendar in time, you should select tracked (or EXPRESS or EXPEDITED, if available) shipping. It is the faster of the shipping options, so it's your best chance of starting your Advent Calendar on time. Of course with the lasting effects on shipping routes and this being an early pre-order, its impossible to know what the state of international transit will be like by the time this ships. It cannot be guaranteed that international customers will receive their Advent Calendar on time, but i will do everything I can to try and make sure they do! The items are still amazing even if you do not receive them before the start date. There should not be any problems with Australian orders 🤞 

Pre-orders will be available until the box ships, if not sold out prior. NUMBERS ARE LIMITED! As this is a much bigger item and a special edition box, I will be capping the available quantity in order to confirm manufacturing. I can't predict how quickly they will sell, but it may be quick.

This item can be ordered at the same time as other items, but its really helpful if it is ordered in its own transaction. Ordering extra items with your Advent Calendar or requesting for it to be combined with other orders may delay your dispatch and mean that you do not receive it in time for the start date. 

Make sure to follow on instagram @theenamellibrary for sneak peeks, updates, and general bookishness. 

Please select your Tier option from the drop-down menu. Please choose carefully as options cannot be upgraded after ordering- it interferes with the accurate tracking of inventory. Extra items may not be available for individual purchase in the future if boxes sell out.

If you have a change of address prior to shipping, please email with the new address and I can edit your order. 

Any items ordered in the same transaction will be held and will ship with your box when its ready.

To order from the UK, check out the Etsy Store- you need to select "request custom order" or send me an Etsy message so that Etsy will let me send you back an order link :)