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Bonus Monthly Vinyl Sticker | Feyre's Portfaelio

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This listing is for those who wish to add one of the monthly bonus stickers to their order. Monthly bonus stickers are automatically INCLUDED with any order of the Monthly Shelfie Pin. So if you have ordered (or are subscribed for) a Shelfie Pin, you WILL already be receiving this sticker.

Order this listing if you want to: 

  • Have an extra, additional copy of the same sticker added to your Shelfie Pin shipment
  • Add the monthly sticker to your Terrarium Pin shipment (Terrarium Pins do NOT come with the free sticker) 
  • Order the sticker without monthly pins, cuz you a sticker lovin sticker nut 🤷‍♀️

If you order this listing and you also order/are subscribed for the Shelfie Pin, it is assumed you definitely want multiple stickers and I will not be reaching out to check with you prior to shipping. So if you're unsure about whether you would be doubling up, don't hesitate to contact me if needed. 

This listing is not a subscription item- it is one-time purchase only.